The Advantage: Professionalism

Full Industry License Trusted International Partner Significant National Network

As a fully-licensed agency recognised by China's Ministry of Education, EduGlobal understands the importance of professionalism. This belief is reinforced by our efforts to remain transparent and adhere to legitimate business practices, and it is demonstrated in each and every aspect of our services.

We make professionalism a first priority in both our day-to-day work as well as in our business strategy. In doing so, EduGlobal has established itself as a world-class, trusted partner to institutions, students and organisations alike.

It is EduGlobal's high level of professionalism that allows stakeholders to benefit from our network. Students, clients and partners know that the same level of service available in Beijing is offered in our branch offices across the country. Through this network they maximise on the value added by working with a nationally-known and internationally-respected partner. 

It is also through our professionalism that EduGlobal became the first recruiter in China to receive certification from the American International Recruitment Council (AIRC).