Debunking Industry Myths

When establishing a relationship with a client, EduGlobal provides lots of information about our services and the company's role. Sometimes individuals new to recruiting in China have been misinformed, so our Client Managers and Service Teams also need to clarify what we do, what we won't do,and what  clients need to know about the education industry in China.

Click to reveal the reality behind each myth:

Recruiters will distort student information to get a student into their "dream" institution.


  • EduGlobal Counselors work closely with students to minimise potential roadblocks in the application process.
  • We work to overcome confusion of requirements and expectations.
  • EduGlobal helps Chinese students succeed. We view misrepresentation as dishonest and immoral, creating adverse affects on students' academic growth.

It's better for institutions to skip over agents & have students apply to them directly.


  • Students are overwhelmed and under-informed.
  • If students felt comfortable with this process, there would be no need for agents or education counselors.
  • EduGlobal provides an opportunity for institutions to engage intelligently in the foreign recruitment process.

Recruiters send students to whichever school provides the highest commission.


  • We counsel students to find the best academic program for them.
  • EduGlobal's institution partnerships do not restrict students' choices.
  • Our goal is to find the 'best fit,' for both student and client.