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Twenty-two year Anniversary for EduGlobal

By the end of this year, EduGlobal will celebrate the company’s twenty-two year anniversary for successful business operation. Back to review the last two decades, the company was initially founded by a small group of people with great passion and enthusiasm. The company experienced dramatic rapid growth under the fierce competition. We all glad to see EduGlobal China Ltd nowadays has become a top-favorite education agent among Chinese students. The company in recent years has been awarded many times by different government bodies or leading social media partners to be a top-quality education agent in mainland China.


Studying in Korea

Studying Abroad in Korea is available in a variety of different studying aboard countries.

Education Benefits

According to ‘2011 National Competitiveness Report’ of IMD in Swiss, the education competitiveness of Korea was 29th among 59 countries that were subjects of the survey. Korea is 4th in Asia following Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, and higher than Japan and China. Korea will be able to offer a higher level of education services to the students coming from abroad


Technology in Class

There’s no denying technology is pervasive in today’s world. As a teacher, however, I would rarely allow it into my classroom. Ultimately, the decision whether to embrace technology in class or not is up to the teacher. When we return to the real world after the bell, we will inevitably need to switch back to the online world. Will your campus be ready for it?


October – The month with full prosperity for Overseas Education

In October every year, there are number of education events will be held in China. It is mainly to be seen as a great opportunity for overseas institutions to start their market promotions in advance for the forthcoming new semester intake in 2013. For Australian institutions, October is quite vital as the Universities general intake usually start at February and July every year. For UK institutions, although the number of intake also same as Australia, but the September intake always tend to be the most critical one.


How Chinese Parents Select Schools for their Children

As a US client relations manager, I was asked by a number of US colleges that how applicants decide where to apply: what is the relative importance of rankings, reputation, cost, program details, location, etc? Determining which of these factors to emphasize in an educational institution’s marketing materials is an art, not a science, based on understanding what motivates your ideal applicant.