Integrated Solutions from a Complete Provider

EduGlobal realises that the whole is bigger than the sum of the parts when it comes to entering and operating in the China international education market. This is why we operate as much more than a student recruiter. The cornerstone of EduGlobal’s success lies in offering individualised, integrated solutions to our clients and partners, whatever their challenges and goals may be.

Australia Vocational School

As an institution with only incidental experience in international recruitment, this client turned to EduGlobal to provide local insight and to shape the entry strategy and market expectations.

Australia Vocational School

Because the client has had minimal experience in China and was looking to make a significant local industry impact, EduGlobal needed to provide market insight and shape the client’s entry strategy and expectations. Recommendations include:

Australia Vocational School

After utilising EduGlobal’s Institution Representation, In-House Events, Chinese Language Website, and Print Materials offerings, results have been so positive that the client is now using this relationship with EduGlobal as a model for establishing partnerships with other recruiters in China.

  • Aiming to make China a major recruitment hub
  • Capable of investing a moderate budget
  • Targeting high school students interested in technical programs

The institution has experienced a dramatic increase in student numbers both in terms of enquiries and applications. Most notably, conversion rate from enquiry to successful application has been extremely high, and the client has also seen a more diverse pool of students applying to the institution.

Institution Rep

  • Develop a permanent in-country presence
  • Champion institution branding & retain close control of strategic regional marketing
  • Streamline all processes keeping activities in-country & at the point of recruitment.

In-House Events

  • Held in any of the EduGlobal Offices and promoted on and offline
  • Meet with an interested audience, answer questions and gain the trust of students and parents, cautious when deciding where to send their young teen
  • Complement other larger Expos & Roadshows held in the same cities

Chinese Language Website

  • A central portal, easily & consistently distributing the latest information to the entire local student & agent market
  • Ensure relevance by reflecting institution message while effectively engaging the local audience
  • Utilise an actionable platform for online enquiries & applications in Chinese

Printed Materials

  • Brochures and information pamphlets are a trusted, traditional way of bringing information to the local market
  • Establish professionalism while validating the client’s image as outlined by counselors
  • Focus energies elsewhere, as each step from design consultation to distribution is directed and monitored by EduGlobal Communications