Agency Representation

Working with an organisation like EduGlobal is a cost-effective and culturally-smart way to get involved in China.

EduGlobal recruits on behalf of hundreds of institutions from around the world. Unlike the vast majority of our competitors, our business is driven by the commissions we receive from educational institutions after successful enrolment, not from charging students additional fees.

With EduGlobal as a recruitment partner, students searching for our institutions receive the most accurate and up-to-date information. EduGlobal Counselors work to find a best-fit scenario, ultimately sending the right students to the right institutions. They emphasise overseas education as a path to educational, career and life goals, undertaking this job with dedication and delivering optimum solutions through dynamic support to their students.

Key Advantages

Advice Beyond Rankings
Information about specific programs is rarely available in Chinese. This makes it very difficult for families to compare education opportunities, particularly at the college or program level. As a result, often the most important criterion for a family's decision to apply is the easiest to interpret: institution rankings. EduGlobal engages potential students in a way that can't be achieved through mass marketing alone. Our counselors provide a forum to explain the broad range of opportunities that cannot be accurately measured by an overall ranking.

Meet Legal Requirements
Government regulations restrict foreign education institutions from conducting direct marketing and recruitment efforts in China, so operating under an official license (like that of EduGlobal) is encouraged.

Expert Guidance
Our counselors are not only qualified to offer support on admissions decisions, they can also administer proxy assessments and interpret student aptitude by translating local credentials such as Gaokao scores and high school performance. Additionally, after being admitted to an institution abroad, the vast majority of students use agents to provide additional consultation about the visa process. Given the size and migratory patterns of the populous, Chinese citizens face very stringent immigration policies from nearly every other country in the world. EduGlobal offers such specialised expert advice to prospective students.