EduGlobal Communications Services

EduGlobal Communications manages the printing, storage and distribution of education marketing and course materials world-wide. We provide:

Consulting & Advice

Our Client Consulting Team provides comprehensive advice on your marketing material needs. With extensive experience in the international education market, our Client Consulting Managers are armed with the knowledge to provide sound advice to institutions on how to maximize the usage of printed communication products off-shore. They will provide tailored responses based on the needs of individual institutions.

Design & Translation

  • Spending too much money on small design jobs and foreign language translations?
  • Facing tight deadlines for design jobs and translation services?

Our pre-production service can help institutions manage small to medium design jobs and provide translation services that are cost effective and timely.

Quality is an important factor for communication products delivered offshore. For many students, the quality of your materials is a direct reflection of the quality of your institution and as such marketing materials become an integral part of the promotional mix.

Our production team makes every effort to ensure that our clients receive the same high quality results they expect to get back home for their marketing materials.

Logistics Management

  • Frustrated by carrying large numbers of brochures on international business trips?
  • Run out of brochures before the end of an overseas event?
  • Concerned about how to distribute your marketing materials internationally?

Our Logistics Management Team helps institutions to manage the printing and distribution of communication products offshore. This is achieved through a comprehensive set of services including shipping, storage and tracking in international emerging markets like China and India.

Efficiency and peace of mind are top priorities. Our online ordering and control system provides our clients with the opportunity to make and track orders online.

Production Management

  • Wondering what kind of marketing collateral is available?
  • Worried about the quality of overseas printed materials?
  • Confused by which paper to choose, where to print, how many to print?

Our Client Service Managers will take care of all your concerns and questions and ensure you are always kept abreast of developments in offshore communication product management.