Agency Representation

Event marketing is widely used as one of the most effective and targeted recruiting tools in the international education industry, providing overseas institutions with direct access to large volumes of local prospective students. EduGlobal provides Event Management services through activities held throughout the year that are shaped to meet local market and client institution demands. These needs often vary based on geographic reach and level of personal interaction. Because of this, EduGlobal offers and recommends a combination of events, from one-on-one interviews to multi-location Roadshows, as the most successful way for institutions to market in-person to prospective students.

Popular EduGlobal Events include Specialised Seminars, Roadshows and Expos.

EduGlobal holds activities each month. View our upcoming events here.

Key Advantages

Provide the opportunity to meet with local students and families

Put a face to the name, creating a stronger connection to your institution

Establish credibility and trust in the local market

Give visiting clients on-the-ground experience and understanding of various key local markets

Generate and retain popularity, visibilty and recognition among Chinese students and families

Create brand awareness, generate leads, and utilise the opportunity for follow-up with students already interested
in your institution


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