Many clients participate in the large-scale events held throughout China each year, such as CIEET (China International Education Exhibition Tour) and CEE (China Education Expo). To support our client institutions, EduGlobal offers bilingual booth assistance to all such events, providing on-site support as well as follow-up to all leads generated.

EduGlobal recognises the heightened market awareness that these large events create, and which is why our Roadshows are often designed to complement the Expo schedule. This pairing allows EduGlobal clients more personalised access to students and parents for questions and application follow-through, making their time in China as effective and efficient as possible.

Institutions may also be interested in hosting an event in our offices before or after the Expo. Our office is an ideal place to interview applicants, meet for conversations with interested students, or host an open house about your institution. When visiting any of our locations, such events are encouraged and of course complimentary.