Agency Representation

An In-Country Institution Representative acts as an integral member of the institution's admissions and marketing teams, undertaking activities which complement EduGlobal services and generate increased recruitment numbers. A Representative’s institution provides guidance on operational decisions while EduGlobal facilitates the management of human resources, administration and financial matters.

Through the infrastructure of the EduGlobal network,
an In-Country Institution Representative provides:

  • Enquiry & Application Management
  • Admissions Screening & Assessment
  • Marketing Development & Execution
  • National Agent Network Oversight
  • Support for Pipeline Programs
Key Advantages

Cost & Energy Efficiency
Utilises a better alternative to frequent travel and avoids the complexities of opening an overseas office

Brand Guardianship
Champions institution brand in China and retains close control of strategic regional marketing activities

Centralisation of Processes
Streamlines recruitment and application and keeps all processes in-country and at the point of recruitment

Capitalisation of Resources
Utilises EduGlobal infrastructure and resources for institution marketing activities