Student Services

Making the move to study overseas is a significant life decision, and EduGlobal recognises that opportunities available to Chinese students are growing rapidly, leaving many overwhelmed and under-informed. To help navigate through this daunting challenge, EduGlobal offers a range of services that simplify and clarify the options available, identifying the student's path toward academic, career and life goals.

Students and Parents choose EduGlobal because:

  • We understand local students & foreign institutions, providing insight for both

  • We have assembled a team of experienced, career-professional counselors dedicated to delivering the best solutions for their students

  • Our counseling pedagogy incorporates broader  long-term career or life goals of both the student and family

  • Our comprehensive suite of services works to enrich and enhance the counseling experience, providing support at each step of the process.


Student Service Offerings

Initial Services
During the earliest stages, students are seeking out general information or are starting to get an idea of what types of institutions they may be interested in. For these students, EduGlobal offers:

Saturday Seminars
Special lectures and open houses that focus on key destinations, topics and areas of study.

Chinese Language Websites and Chinese Language Websites enable effective info distribution and student interaction.

Multiple Points of Enquiry
By phone, online and in-person, all enquiries are assessed and delivered to the right counseling teams through our Enqiry Management System, ensuring effective and accurate follow-up.


Extensive Resources
After students have gained basic information, they start to more clearly identify their destination, area of study and their specific institutions of choice. At this stage EduGlobal provides:

In-Office Information Library

Institution Study Materials

Country Guides

Access to Exceptional Counseling and Advisement

Opportunities to Talk with Successful EduGlobal "Alumni"


Student Support Services
Once students have chosen EduGlobal as their international study partner, they receive access to even more extensive services, including:

Academic Counseling
Counselors meet with students and together develop a complete study plan based on the student's preferences, background and ambitions.

Institution Application Preparation
After students identify their best-fit institutions, completed applications are passed to our specialised application team, to ensure that all information is valid and complete. This team has very trusting relationships with partner institutions and a thorough understanding of each admissions procedure.

Visa Application
Upon obtaining a letter of offer, students consult our Visa Services Team for guidance on the visa process, including financial and documentation requirements as well as regulation details. Counselors also conduct practice interviews (when applicable), to familiarise the student with this interview process.

Pre‐Departure Seminars and Advice
During and after the visa application process, EduGlobal counselors provide pre-departure assistance, such as opening a bank account and booking airline tickets. Counselors also give briefings on adapting to life in a foreign country, and, when possible, help arrange accommodation and airport pickup.


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