The EduGlobal Experience

There are two very different yet equally important EduGlobal experiences and sets of services. Both reflect EduGlobal's Vision, Mission and Values, and both capitalise on EduGlobal's experience, professionalism and innovation, truly positioning our company and employees as industry experts with valuable offerings for both institution and student.

The Client Experience

For Client Institutions looking to...

EduGlobal offers...

Explore the market

Guidance & service consultation.

Start a working relationship with a top recruiter in China

Training for all counselors on the institution.
Assistance in developing a China market strategy.

Launch marketing efforts in China

Continuous on-site & online training opportunities.
Actionable approach to the institution's market strategy.

Visit China for exposure & experience

Tailored visits for seminars, interviews & roadshows.
Opportunities to participate in large-scale events & information days.

Receive & process student applications

Enquiry & application management to ensure all questions are answered and applications are streamlined.

Distribute new materials & information

Information collection & distribution across a large national network.
Media & marketing design, development and management.

The Student Experience

For students who are...


Curious about studying overseas

Distributes learning materials.
Organises seminars & information sessions.

Seeking more information

Hosts road shows, expos & other events.
Promotes upcoming institution events & visits.

Looking for answers & assistance.

Meets to discuss students' goals & objectives, offering suggestions & guidance.
Provides information & assessments online, in person and over the phone.

Hoping to identify choice institutions

Gives feedback & support in this decision.
Hosts institution interviews & information sessions.

Submitting an institution application

Guides students through the application & visa process.

Preparing to go overseas

Assists in pre-departure.
Facilitates country-specific seminars to ease transition.